Works in Progress

Women’s Fiction

The Thinking Woman’s Baby Shower

Kat and Tim are having a baby, to the horror of their mothers who’d been hoping the marriage would fail. Today’s the day of the baby shower — a last-ditch chance for the rival mothers to split up the couple and seize control of their unborn granddaughter’s future. Anything to save her from the in-laws. As the party unfolds, unexpected guests arrive and the women go to war revealing family secrets, some decades old, with devastating consequences. Will Kat and Tim’s marriage survive the day? Or will their lives — and that of baby Ruby — be for ever changed? The Thinking Woman’s Baby Shower is a darkly comic tale told by a diverse cast in the suburbs of present day Sydney. Your invitation’s here, so why don’t you join us for The Thinking Woman’s Baby Shower? Come on. Bring popcorn. It’ll be fun.

Fiction for Children:
Chapter books each about 10,000 words, for readers aged around eight years.

Who Moved The Zoo?

A family of elephants in the Masai Mara, Kenya, 2012

Xavi’s stuck in hospital with a broken leg when he hears animals at the zoo next door being trucked away by strangers. Where are they going? Are the animals in danger? And will Makena the baby elephant — Xavi’s only friend — be next? Softly spoken Xavi asks his parents for help, but they laugh and say he’s imagining things. What will Xavi do? Can he escape from hospital to track down the missing animals, and bring his Makena home to safety? Join Xavi, our quiet hero, on his first exciting adventure in Who Moved The Zoo?

Xavi and the Mysterious Desert Dog

The desert outside the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pictured January, 2016

It’s Xavi’s first day volunteering at the big, beautiful new Dubai zoo when a saluki dog runs in from the desert. Xavi names him Dib, meaning wolf in Arabic. But Dib seems upset. He keeps barking, wanting Xavi to follow him back into the desert. Xavi goes, growing nervous as the sun sets and he loses sight of the zoo. It’s dark when Dib stops — by a man who looks close to death. Xavi’s terrified, thirsty, cold, and exhausted. Can he help the stranger? And how will he find his way home? Join Xavi, our quiet hero, on his second heartwarming adventure, Xavi and the Mysterious Desert Dog.